Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Client Testimonials / Case Studies of Particular ClientsCI International has built a sound international reputation for establishing a solid long-term value-added partnership with our clients. A partnership based on a professional approach, efficient provision of our services, cost effectiveness and above all quality. We received high appreciation from many clients for working with them and assisting them to achieve their business goals.

Let see what our clients say.

CI International
CIMY International
CI International

All three auditors have showed their professionalism when conducting the audit. They gave sincere comments and guided the auditees for further improvement to the processes. The audit session was conducted in a harmonious mode without any parties feeling tensed/ pressured.

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak dan Pustaka Miri


Puan Nor Liza Sadrek has explained well and clear on the procedures and what need to be done for us Bahagian Penasihat to move forward for stage 2 audit. We would very much like for Puan Nor Liza Sadrek to be our stage 2 auditor. Thank you.

Bahagian Penasihat, Jabatan Peguam Negara


Very efficient services. We believed those observations will help us for future improvements. Thank you.

Rekabina Jaya Sdn Bhd


Auditor, Mr. Ooi is a good auditor who able to guide when we are in doubt for the findings which been found during the audit. Thanks!

Jeenhuat Foodstuffs Industries Sdn Bhd
10 – 11/9/2019


All the auditor give a fully commitment during the audit session.

V Communications Sdn Bhd


Audit exercise was done very professionally. Auditors were very competent and fair during the whole audit process.

Program Kesihatan Pergigian, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
23 – 24/1/2019


CI Malaysia provides a very good suggestion in improving our company. We also put in a lot of afford in term of man power and cash to improve the company.

Aim Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
2 – 3/1/2019


Overall was good, Subsea was very satisfied with all the audit process and the auditor explain very well.

Subsea Explore Services (M) Sdn Bhd
13 -14/11/2018


Excellent – A very professional and friendly transition audit exercise.

Tropical Profile (M) Sdn Bhd


Excellent – Auditor, Mr. Ooi is a good auditor who able to guide when we are in doubt for the findings which been found during the audit. Thanks!

Jeenhuat Foodstuffs Industries Sdn Bhd
10 – 11/9/2019


All the auditor give a fully commitment during the audit session.

V Communications Sdn Bhd


The auditors and CI office staff were helpful and understanding of our company’s situation. Mr. Ooi and his team always share their knowledge in ISO which benefit to our company.

Aim Food Manufacturing


The auditors showed great detail and competency in the audit. We would request for the same quality and caliber of auditors to be in next audit.

Construction and Industrial Safety Training Centre Sdn Bhd and CONSIST College


The auditors have performed the audit with great dedication, professional and collaborate with us.

Gabungan Strategik Sdn Bhd
1, 4 & 5/6/2018


Overall, our team was pleased & appreciated with work professionalism depicted by the lead auditor, Pn. Norliza during this 1.5 days audit work performed. The lead auditor’s willingness to share cum easy to proactive approach had enhanced our knowledge base & learning commitment toward GDPMD compliance cum requirements.

Desiran Abadi Sdn Bhd
30/4/2018 & 2/5/2018


The auditor was very punctual and courteous as well as helpful to the Company’s employees.

Ogre Pest Control Sdn Bhd


Mr. Ooi & Pn. Norliza are very experienced auditor and guide us to achieve high quality standard in terms of product & management. Good Job!

M.S. Asia Phosph-Chemicals Sdn Bhd & M.S. Asia Enterprise Sdn Bhd
12/2/2018 – 13/2/2018


Overall very satisfied with both Pn. Norliza & Pn. Suhana. Both very courteous and friendly towards our staff and while conducting audit. Good Job!

Bina PYK (Sabah) Sdn Bhd


Very appreciate CI team in auditing and assist Ban Seng Plastic to improve further.

Ban Seng Plastic Sdn Bhd


The audit was carried expeditiously and courteously. The auditors also took time to explain some of the new requirements under the new 2015 standard.

CL & O Architects Sdn Bhd


Your auditors showed a good attitude and knowledge in specialized area such as dentistry and able to give their views on how to further improve our quality management system. We are very much satisfied with the audit session carried out by your auditors. However, in future or coming surveillance audit, I would like to request to reduce the number of procedures quality to be audited in your audit plan as your auditors have to rush to finish all the 50 from 63 procedures quality. Thus, in some area, the audit session become too brief / too fast.

Pusat Pergigian Kanak – Kanak & Institut Latihan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (Pergigian), Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.
24 – 25/10/2017


So far so good. All these years, auditors who send by CI are very helpful and benefit the management team to understand more about ISO.

Austral Star Sdn Bhd


The auditors are very kind and have the experience in auditing our college / industry and they are good in advising us to improve our system.

Construction and Industrial Safety Training Centre Sdn Bhd & CONSIST College


The auditors also gave us helpful suggestions to improve on documentation, in view of our planned transition to ISO 9001:2015. The auditees and our organization in general are very satisfied with the audit.

Erinco Sdn Bhd


The auditor shows a great amount of knowledges in explaining HSE to interviewee and ESPRAT staffs and his finding. Auditor has done a lot of talking to ESPRAT and show us a way to improve in OSHMS.

ESPRAT Sdn Bhd and ESPRAT Pte Ltd
20 – 22/03/2017


Very good communications with CI team and please keep this professional level of works.

Fiscal Digest


CIMY International

Understood well about risk management.
This course was very informative and has taught me to understand more about identifying risk factor failure mode and to evaluate risk effectively.

Pusat Pergigian Kanak-kanak & Kolej Latihan Pergigian Malaysia
30 June & 1 July 2020


This course is very useful. The course has provided relevant content and topic related to my current responsibilities at my certification body. This course also helps me to in-depth understanding on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

This course is very useful for me as the observe in Audit team because I have the intention to be the auditor.

This course is very complexing because our expert flexible teaching that focus on standard to Appendix or reference to clause in standard to Appendix. Moreover, he shows the students at the most important clauses. His technique of training is so  amazing due to don’t make student feel sleep.

Institute of Standards of Cambodia (ISC)
10 – 15 February 2020