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GMPs based on MS 1514

What is GMP based on MS 1514

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) based on MS 1514 is the Malaysia national standard that quite similar Codex Alimentarious requirements. It is part of a qualiy system requirements for manufacture of food products and other food chains. The GMPs contain requirements for hygienic and cleanliness practices and other good manufacturing practices that enhance food safety.

The GMPs are the pre requisites that serve as a foundation that complement the HACCP management system.

Benefits of GMP

Based on MS1514 drives best practice and helps organisations to:

  • Enhance good hygiene practices in food preparation.
  • Stringent personnel hygiene of food handlers.
  • Increased controls of food production environment.
  • Enhanced cleanliness of manufacturing environment.
  • Longer shelf life of foods produced.
  • Enhanced effectiveness of pest control in manufacturing premise.
  • Significant reduction of microbes level in production environment and food surfaces.
  • Increase consumer confidence in food safety
  • Decrease operating costs due to rework.
  • Boost export opportunities.
  • Cost saving and increased profits.

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