Training Title

ISO 9001: 2015 Risk Management/ Risk Assessment Training and Workshops
(2 Days)

Learning Objectives

To explain the appropriate method using FMEA for root cause/ potential causes analysis prior to determination of actions to address the risks and opportunities, in specific,
    • a) appropriate corrective actions for a non-conformity; or
    • b) preventive actions for a potential non-conformity; or
    • c) continual improvement actions for a weak area/ process to be further  improved.

Who Should Attend?

  1. Top Management
  2. Head of Department/ Section
  3. Key personnel

Course Outline

Risk Management
§Determination of internal/ external issue.
§Fish Bone method for root cause determination for weaknesses/ problems.
§Quantification (Probability of Occurrence, Severity and Detection).
§Existing controls.
§Risk evaluation.
§Determination/ planning and implementation of controls.
§Residue risk assessment/ evaluation on the effectiveness of planned implementation

Workshop 1: Determine internal issues & external issues by processes/ organization context.

Workshop 2: Root cause determination based on Fish Bone method.

Workshop 3: Conduct risk assessment and risk evaluation using FMEA work sheet.

Workshop 4: Determine action plans.

Workshop 5: Performing residue risks assessment/ evaluate effectiveness of implemented controls. 

Presentation and practical comments for learning.


2 days (0900 – 1700 hours)

Training Date

1/12/2020, 15/1/2021, 2/4/2021

Fee Per Participant

RM1200 + 6% SST

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